i literally don’t know what i would do if johnlock became canon like do i go to work the next day

This made me laugh so hard because the day after The Reichenbach Fall was an actual holiday so I didn’t have to go to work and I laid…


I genuinely think the only reason they don’t share it is because they can’t. It’s really wee, it’s barely a bench. They wouldn’t both fit, especially when stonking drunk. I don’t think sharing it was an option, frankly.

I think it was quite gallant of John to let Sherlock take the bed, such as it is. But he always would, regardless, wouldn’t he. Lovely John.

Narratively, they sort of have to end up in jail that night, don’t they. Because if they didn’t, something else would have gone on between them. They were that close to it. And  if that had happened, I’m sure John would have had to call off his wedding.

What a beautiful close call!



I’ve finally put the finger on why John’s ‘She wasn’t supposed to be like that’ made me feel so uneasy everytime.

It seems to me - and I could be wrong - that he chose her because she seemed to be the perfect middle-class wife; Mary Morstan is a…

I think I’m going to sit in a corner and cry silently.

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